Thursday, August 18, 2016

2 Year Follow up with UMMC

So I know that our 2 year Kidneyaversery was a while ago, but about a month ago is when I finally had time to go do the lab work.  I took a day off and went down to the University of MD for my last follow up there.  After 2 years you no longer have any follow ups with them and are supposed to monitor your own kidney function with the help of you primary care doctor.  Everyone was super helpful and I was in and out quickly, which gave me plenty of time to go get copies of our marriage certificate (but that isn't important here).

After a few days the coordinator e-mailed me to say that my protein/creatinine levels were elevated and that she would like me to re-do the test because she things the results are wrong.  This immediately made me anxious because what if the test wasn't wrong and I was actually having issues with my solo kidney.  I didn't post here right away about this because I didn't want anyone else worrying about it till I knew what was up.  So I silently worried to myself while googling everything I could.  This is always a bad idea.

As soon as I could I went to labcorp and re-did the test.  Within a few days the coordinator e-mailed me again to say everything was normal!  This was great news and good to know.  So my one kidney is still doing its job!

Dave, also had an apt. recently where the Dr. said he was doing well.  He also mentioned how great it was Dave was on so few medications!   This is because transplant patients are normally on medications to control the disorders that caused their kidneys to fail in the first place, and Dave doesn't have to worry about that because he is healthy!

Well, I think that is all for now.  As always if you want to know anything else about my experience feel free to ask!