Tuesday, May 24, 2016

A podcast on a Kidney Love story.

After Dave and I were married a friend sent me a link on facebook to The Modern Love Podcast.   The specific episode she sent me is titled "I see my Superhero" .  It is the story of a girl who needed a kidney transplant and was able to receive one from her boyfriend.  She wrote a short essay about it after she received the transplant and that essay is read and then they talk to the couple for a follow up.

 In the story the girl receives one transplant from her brother that rejects and then another from her boyfriend.  In the follow up you learn that the second kidney, the one from her boyfriend also rejects later on in life.  She was lucky enough to find a third person to donate a kidney to her.

With this all being said the podcast brought a lot of emotions out for me.  I relate to the boyfriend in the story, being ready to donate without ever being asked because the person you love needs you.  But the story talks about rejection and it makes the reality that that could happen to Dave and I so real.  You never know what might trigger a kidney to reject and that is a real fear I have.  It scares me to think about my kidney not lasting forever!  But it was also great to hear the positive attitudes of the couple in the story.  It is this positive out look I try and have for our own situation.  Where as I might be scared that one day Dave will need a new kidney I know that focusing on that is not the way to look at the situation.  Staying positive and keeping on doing everything we are doing, living life to the fullest is the way to combat any fears I or anyone else has in this kind of situation.

So if you are looking for an interesting listen check out this podcast.  Let me know what you think of it.

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Sunday, May 22, 2016

2nd Kidneyaversery!

Yesterday was our 2nd Kidneyiversery meaning it has been 2 years since I donated my kidney to Dave!  Wow, time has flown by and it feels like we have done so much in these past 2 years that the days of dialysis are so much farther in the past then they really are.

Both Dave and I are doing well!  At least as far as I can tell.  His most recent blood work looked amazing and I feel fine so I guess that is good.  The only weirdness from the donation that I still have is that the muscles on the left side of my back where the kidney used to be become more sore then the right.  I feel this is something I wouldn't even notice if I wasn't spending most of my free time taking circus classes (aerial silks, lyra, and German wheel).  These classes require a ton of strength in all muscles which is why I think I feel the pain there more then a normal person would.  I'm sure with more working out it will stop too.

Within these last two years Dave and I have done so many things that might not have been possible had Dave not been able to receive my Kidney.  We went on a cruise, were married (only 3 weeks ago!), went to a ton of concerts and events, hung out with tons of friends, went on multiple weekend trips to places like the beach, dragon*con, Hershey, and wherever else we wanted, and got a dog.  Our motto has been "No Rest" because we know first hand that you never know what could happen in life so you might as well do as much as you can while you are able.  We hope to continue doing tons of things and that my kidney keeps working well inside Dave!

2 years down, hopefully many more to go!

Thursday, May 12, 2016