Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Almost Married

With only 9 days left till we are married I was thinking on all that has brought Dave and I together.  I feel that one of the things that makes us a strong couple is all that we went through with Dave becoming sick, dialysis, and ultimately the kidney transplant.  I feel being able to share in each others struggles is a good ability to have when one enters into marriage.  I also realized I did not share our adorable Kidney Engagement photos with you guys and I think people interested in donation, kidneys or transplants would enjoy them.  So look below for some of those.

We used a plush heart and kidney as props.

He held the heart, and I held the kidney!
This one was used for the save the dates with the quote:
"She gave him a kidney and now he will give her his heart."
We are adorable, we know.

And some other random photos just because!

Thanks for reading.  If you have any questions about donation feel free to ask.  I feel I have less to talk about now that we are almost 2 years post donation, but I am always open to answering questions or taking requests on things to write about.